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Alicia has always been very passionate about using music to help people.  Seeing how much her late grandfather with Alzheimer's had benefitted from their playing music together really fuelled her desire to help others with music.  Alicia now specialises in working with people with autism, learning difficulties, depression & dementia.


In her spare time Alicia enjoys running & yoga, vegetarian cooking, & spending time with her cat, Peggy Sue.  She also is a member of a book club & enjoys reading different genres.


As well as working with people in a therapeutic context, Alicia hosts a casual weekly singing group (held online using live videos during coronavirus lockdown).  She also performs regularly in a ukulele band called The Respectacles, & enjoys writing her own songs which she performs as a solo artist under the pseudonym 'Alicia Ukulele'.  You can listen to her songs for free by clicking on the link below:





MSc Music Therapy (Nordoff Robbins)

BSc Music and Psychology


HCPC registration no: AS14402


From parent of young man with severe autism, here called X for confidentiality:

Alicia has been a Music Therapist to my son since September 2012.  From the beginning Alicia’s ‘can do’ attitude, and demonstrated competence, identified her as someone special.


Alicia works with X at least once a week.  The Music Therapy Service Alicia provides is sensitive and responsive to X’s behaviours, verbal and non-verbal communication.  Alicia is always seeking opportunities to interact and continues to show great compassion and creativity in the development and delivery of X’s agreed goals.  The Music Therapy sessions are designed to maximize X’s enjoyment and in turn has allowed Alicia to develop a strong relationship with him.


X has responded very well and within their ‘music making’ Alicia initially encouraged X to use his voice non-verbally.  Then gradually, gently and with sensitivity, she has encouraged him to use more verbal communication, resulting in increased confidence in using his voice for speech and using eye contact when smiling towards family and relatives.


I conclude by stating that it is with great pride and pleasure that I recommend Alicia as my son’s Music Therapist and know that her knowledge and skills make her an ideal candidate for reaching and developing not just anyone on the Autistic Spectrum but any vulnerable child or adult who are struggling to interact and make sense of the world within which we all live.


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